Pokerface " The Dealer "

This Carolina Native Is Destined For Greatness And Determined To Make History. Born And Raised In Greenville SC, Pokerface The Dealer Learned Hustlenomics 101. With His Aggressive Drive Pokerface Has Mastered The Art Of How To Grind. Being A Dynamic Self Proclaimed Revolutionary Street Soldier Survivalist; Pokerface's Mentality Has Helped Him To Adapt To A Variety Of Circumstances And Situatuions As If There Was Never A Problem. As A Child Growing Up In Poverty People Would Joke And Say That He Had A Pokerface Because He Always Looked Serious. Even As A Youth He Viewed The World In A Serious Manner Because He Could See The Effects Of Struggling And Surviving In Poverished Conditions. He Would Eventually Be Called Pokerface By Friends And Family; A Firm Believer In Family First, Pokerface Learned The Value Of Loyalty From A Host Of Certified Street Figures.

Growing Up In The Eighties And Nineties, The Urban Americanized Atmosphere Of Dope Dealing And Gang Banging Was A Very Popular Trend. Although Not A Gang Member, Po aka Pokerface Was Able To Make Affiliations With All Types Of Organizations, Cliques, And Sets. For The Artist Known As Pokerface, Showing Respect And Paying Homage Is A Way Of Life. Pokerface Learned The Qualities Needed To Be An Effective Leader Through First Hand Street Interaction. Moving From Place To Place Within The Carolinas, He Stopped In Jacksonville, Statesville, Fayetteville, And A Few Others In Between. Nicknaming Himself The Villain With An Alias Of The Dealer, Pokerface Would Eventually Network With Multiple Associations And Amass An Underground Alliance For A Vision That He Had.

Realizing They Were All Brothers And Sisters Of The Same Struggle, Pokerface The Dealer Initiated A Mental Movement That Would Build Up Every Man/Woman That Was Mentally Broken In America. He Created A Statement To Describe Their Current Condition In America. Very Intelligent Luminous Lost Africans In New Slavery! Always Having A Sense Of Cultural Pride, And Understanding The Each One Teach One Philosophy, Pokerface Was Inspired To Push A Revolutionary Movement Of The V.I.L.L.A.I.N.S. An Organization Based On The Preservation Of Certain Traditions, Codes Of Ethics, And The Embracement Of Diligently Reclaiming A Cultural Identity. Pokerface Has Harnessed His Musical Talents In His Private Time. The Dealer Has An Intense Delivery, Original Selfmade Style, A Warrior Mentality, And The Undeniable Dedication To Improvement. Pokerface Has The Ability To Express Thought Provoking Lyrics With A Distinct Carolina Flavor. Always Pushing Himself To Expand, Develop, And Advance Any Way Possible, He Set Out To Create The Theme Music To This VILLAIN Struggle! This VILLAIN Movement Is Set To Have A Global Impact! Stay Tuned Into The Streets!

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