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The Mad Scientist Dj Einstein: The Most Motivated In America

These Are The Elements That Have Help The Mad Scientist Dj Einstein Gain Global Notoriety

Street Heat Volume 1

Street Heat Volume 1

The Success Of Street Heat Volume One Was Amazing. Fans Responded Well To It In The Streets And On The Interet.This Was The Mad Scientist Einstein's First Mixtape To Gain The Attention Of Coalitions And Record Companies. This Success Of This Project Reinvigorated The Mad Scientist Einstein And Created The Energy For A Possible Sequel

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Street Heat Volume 2

The Success Of Street Heat Volume One Motivated The Mad Scientist DJ Einstein To Continue Feeding The Streets. He Continued His Momentum And Was Not Weakened By Distractions. Distraction Is The Cousin OF Defeat. Street Heat Volume 2 Was Released To Destroy The Possibility Of Failure. Fans Have Agreed That It Was A Job Well Done!

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Street Heat Volume 3

The Mad Scientist Einstein Had Solidified His Place In Entertainment By Releasing Another Volume Of The Street Heat Series. The Promotion Of Quality Street Music Cannot Be Ignored. Street Heat Volume 3 Has Proven That Dj Einstein Is A Force In The Entertainment Industry. This Officially released Mixtape has Gained The Attention Of Major Labels And Has A Useful Promotion And Marketing Tool!

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